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Welcome to Casey Rowe Consulting!

Are you an individual ready to take your career into your own hands?
Career EngineeringSM does just that, by exploring and identifying how you can contribute your strengths and talents at the same time as meeting your needs and aligning with your values. My services include guiding you throughout the career engineering process from the ground up – including value and needs identification, uncovering strengths and talents, building resumes and preparing for interviews, starting new ventures and seeking opportunities.

Call or email for a FREE 30-minute consultation over the phone or in person to see how I can help you engineer your career!

Does your organization need help preparing for a hiring process and developing new additions to your team? Employee Selection is a process that helps align the goals of the organization to the professional goals of an individual. When your employees are engaged in their work, your organization can reach extended levels of success as well. My services include planning for the hiring process, selecting employees, on-boarding and managing performance, career mapping, engaging and retaining top talent in your organization.

Call or email for a FREE 1-hour selection strategy meeting.

Workplace Resources is a tactical service for maneuvering through issues and needs that arise in the workplace. Whether you need consultation as an individual facing uncertain situations in the workplace or if your organization needs to address issues that are affecting productivity, I can help you locate those hard-to-find answers, through challenging times and around unique instances.