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I am not quite sure where I would be if it weren’t for Casey. I was introduced to her through my wife who won a free Birkman assessment test through Casey's company. Already having a job, my wife didn’t feel it was necessary for her to take the test, so she passed it along to her unemployed husband. I was immediately doubtful of this assessment, but openly took it before going in to sit down with Casey.

Not sure of the results, or what the results even meant, I went in and finally got the chance to meet Casey. I can confidently say that the two plus hours I spent with Casey reviewing my Birkman results were the most interesting and enjoyable two hours I've had in many months. Casey went over the results with me, point by point, and thoroughly explained what they meant and how I could apply them to my search for employment. Overall, the experience of the Birkman was edifying and Casey made it enjoyable.

I can comfortably say that, employed or unemployed, you should go in and sit down with Casey. You might learn something about yourself and, if not, at least enjoy the pleasure of having the suspicions about yourself reassured.

— Dana Barney

I DECIDED TO USE CRC on the advice of a friend. What was most helpful to me was getting my strengths and marketable skills organized and presented in a way that could be useful. Also getting templates for cover letters was helpful as I hadn’t had to look for a job in many years and was not sure what the protocol was. I would absolutely recommend friends and colleagues!

— David Burks

We all can get caught up in the day to day complications of life, so much so that many of times we let life go by doing something that totally is what we want to be doing. As a 34 year old man, I had this epiphany and felt lost. I couldn’t stand what I was doing professionally but had no idea how to get out of it and into something else.

Luckily I have good friends and one of them referred me to Casey Rowe and Casey Rowe Consulting. Right from our initial conversation on the phone I could tell she was very understanding, patient and would become a major influence in who i was going to become. Within a short amount of time I took the Birkman test which analyzed many of my personality traits and and translates that into professions that would be ideal for someone with my make-up. I made many discoveries about myself and have seen an immediate impact by using CRC services.

Initially I was just an advertising sales guy, but now I am concentrating more on my writing abilities through online blogs as well an investing in website development courses that will take my career to a new direction.

I can’t recommend Casey and Casey Rowe Consulting enough!

— Keith Kobler

IN HER ROLE AS A COACH AND ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTANT, I've continually observed Casey help her clients understand the power of their leadership styles. Her profound knowledge of career development and her astute determination are key factors in her ability to effectively interact with both individuals and organizations. Casey is truly a trusted adviser and partner to her clients.

— Jennifer Bruner

Personally I feel the Birkman is an invaluable tool. For me, the personal strengths and needs section was extremely helpful in understanding how I relate to others and situations. After applying this information, I have found my current job more satisfying!

— Laura Brooks